Business Support Specialist.


Pictured here with my daughter, firstly because I hate photos of myself and secondly because she is the reason I do what I do!

My intention is to support your business in any way I can that takes the daily “headaches” away, allowing you to get on with what you really need to be doing.  Although the majority of my work is undertaken remotely, I ensure I personally meet and get to know all of my clients, gain an understanding of their business and ensure they get a first class service.



The majority of the work undertaken is done by me personally. I am happy to undertake most tasks, from basic administration to full blown website design, social media content scheduling and design to full digital marketing strategies. I also have a huge amount of experience in event planning, organisation and execution. There will always be a side to your business you simply don’t have time for, or don’t understand, and that’s where I come in.

My team...

In order that the businesses I assist don’t have to spend hours doing lots of research (taking up even more of their valuable time) I have a select few people who I am happy to recommend help you where I can’t. I work with some fantastic people in Human Resources, Finance and Operations. The rates for any of these services will differ from my own and I will always advise up front.

Here to help you achieve success.

Why use a Virtual Assistant?

There are so many reasons a business may choose to bring in the services of a virtual assistant. First and foremost to save you time, allowing you to make more money!

An interim step to manage workload before being financially able to take on regular employees.

An extra pair of hands at particularly busy times of the year, when you simply don't have the hours to spend on day to day administration.

A complete hours work, without having to afford tea-breaks, holidays, sickness etc.

Another set of skills which you may require for the day to day operation of the business but don't necessarily have.

Someone to handle the mundane tasks whilst you focus on the job of growing your business.

Working alone? Brain storming sessions on whether or not you are on the right track are invaluable to save wasted time in the long term.


Data Entry


Proof reading




Graphic design services

Social media scheduling

Email management

Newsletter compilation



A completely new website

Updates to your existing website

Blog / Content writing 



Strategic Planning

Human Resources




“I could not have wished for a more efficient, hard-working or loyal business manager.”


“Kerry-Anne is so helpful and professional, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


“Kerry-Anne has managed my website for over 5 years now. She is quick to update, always reminds me if something needs doing and her rates are fantastic”