So many reasons to work with me...

First and foremost, it is my mission to help you achieve success.

My Approach

Although the majority of the work undertaken is done remotely, I still prefer to get to know my clients personally as much as possible. I spend time getting to know you and your business style to ensure I reflect the values of your company. 

I am happy to undertake work from as little as just 1 hour per month and am totally flexible as to when you need that work carried out. 

For my own services, I charge a set fee of £30 per hour with all my packages being with the rate per hour in mind.

Services such as accountancy, human resources, graphic design and branding are carried out on a bespoke basis, prices to be quoted after initial consultation.



Digital Marketing – Social Media Content

This is the area in which I do the most work. Clients are simply too busy with their day job to worry about posting on social media. It’s the first area we neglect (I know because I do it myself) and yet so important to stay visible. Take the stress off your hands and allow me to create relevant, industry specific, engaging content for you.  Packages from as little as £60 per month with no minimum contract period, you can simply book ahead as and when you need it.

OPTION 1 – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (1 platform only) – 3 posts per week with relevant text and licence free imagery. £60 per month.

This option allows you to keep one of your pages active and engaging at a minimal level.

OPTION 2 – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram  (you choose the mix) – 6 posts per week with relevant text and licence free imagery. £80 per month.

This option allows you to have maximum coverage on one platform, with posts almost every day (I like the client to keep one personal day a week and I will explain why)…  Or there is enough content to keep 2 platforms active across the week by mixing around. Please note, content will often be duplicated over platforms which gives more brand visibility but with content re-sized to suit the required standards. 

 OPTION 3 – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (you choose the mix) – 8 posts per week with relevant text and licence free imagery. £100 per month.

This is the most bespoke package giving the client daily visibility across the platforms they choose and in the mix they require. There is careful balance between advertising and engagement.

Use of brand logo / colours and imagery are used throughout all packages.


Website Design or Administration

Again, websites are one of the first areas to get neglected. Businesses often invest large amounts of money into the set up and design of their new website, but once it’s there they leave it collecting dust. Search engines will very quickly recognise the sites that are active and doing well, otherwise how else will they know you are still trading? It’s pretty much like having your front door open or closed…

Again, based on my hourly rate of £30 I can update your websites in as little as 2 hours per month. Yes, simply put, just half an hour a week is often enough to keep it dust free and keep your content up to date. 

Business Brainstorming

Often small business owners are working alone and get a little lost with their own planning and focus. I see so many people get so distracted by plans that they actually forget to get the job done. A regular check in call can bring huge benefits to business. Keeping you focused on what you need to do to meet your short / medium and long term strategies this is one of the most invaluable hours you will spend.

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